Hello, my name’s Howard.
I help people develop careers and ideas.

Here’s me in 30 seconds:

I’m an educator, coach, project builder, and writer based in NYC (originally from London).

I believe we all have the potential to go beyond: to do more original, creative and interesting things to further ourselves, the people around us, and the wider world.

My work focuses on three main areas:

  • Education: Designing immersive education experiences to help organizations access tomorrow’s key skills, knowledge, and connections
  • Talent Development: Coaching & peer groups to support entrepreneurs, executives and independent professionals in their career journeys
  • Product & Program Management: working with strategy, creative, marketing, and engineering teams to help envisage and deliver in-person programs and digital products

While most of my time is spent working in the creative and digital economy, my broader industry experience ranges from youth non-profits through to financial services.

I thrive on making the complex simple, connecting dots, diving into details, and empowering others to do great work.

My past lives include being a talent agent, entrepreneur, product manager, and DJ. More about all that here.

Here are a few of the organizations I’ve been working with recently:

Want to find out more?

See what I’m doing now, dig into some projects, learn more about me, read my blog, or listen to my podcast.

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