Hello, my name’s Howard.
I help people develop careers, ventures, and ideas.

Here’s me in 30 seconds:

Iā€™m an educator, leadership coach, project builder, and writer based in NYC (originally from London).

I believe we all have the potential to go beyond: to do more original, creative and interesting things to further ourselves, the people around us, and the wider world.

I help people do just that: go from here to there.

My work focuses on three main areas:

I thrive on making the complex simple, connecting dots, diving into details, and empowering others to do great work.

Want to talk about working together? Feel free to drop me a line.

My past lives include being a talent agent, entrepreneur, product manager, DJ, and ad agency producer. More about all that here.

Want to find out more?

See what I’m doing now, dig into some projects, learn more about me, read my blog, or listen to my podcast.

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