Hello, my name is Howard. Thanks for visiting.

Here’s me in 10 seconds:

  • I help creative companies and startups grow through better products, people and partnerships
  • I provide tools and resources for the ‘Career Fuel’ generation (people in the first 15 years of their career)
  • I’m from London and live in NYC
  • Here’s what I’m doing now
  • Here’s how you can get in touch with me


Want to learn more? Here’s me in a couple of minutes:

I’ve spent my career working at the intersection of creativity, business and technology with a wide variety of talented and ambitious people.

Currently I’m based in New York and shuttle between there, London and a few other places too.

I’m a facilitator, producer and fixer with experience and expertise in multiple disciplines.

Clients usually hire me to do one (or more) of these things:

  • get new products envisioned, built and shipped successfully
  • design and run programs to help people build their capabilities, confidence and connections
  • market and sell products through smart digital strategies and compelling live experiences
  • launch and run operations in new territories
  • curate and connect talent

I often get involved when companies, people or projects are going through a period of discovery, growth or change. Maybe it’s something to do with being INFJ.

My main line of work is as founder of H Bureau; a specialist consultancy practice focused on media, entertainment, technology and experiences. We also build our own ventures and put them out into the world.

During my career I’ve spent several years in the music industry as a talent agent, publisher and entrepreneur; been a project manager at digital advertising agencies; and worked with a range of technology startups in health & fitness, media, entertainment and ecommerce.

More broadly there are 4 areas that underpin what I’m interested in:

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Experiences

I’m exploring where these can be fused, remixed and reimagined.


Outside of work some of the things I enjoy include:

  • Boxing (southpaw)
  • Music (techno, post-punk, afrobeat and a lot more)
  • Yoga (frog, on a good day)
  • Football/soccer (centre-back to play, Crystal Palace to watch – both are erratic and unglamorous, but sometimes pretty effective)
  • Cycling (single speed)
  • Traveling (wherever I can)
  • Improv (just started, trying not to be a 3rd rate Larry David)
  • Reading (mainly non fiction plus some Nordic noir)
  • Cooking (from the Gjelina cookbook)


Bio (3rd person version)

Howard has been working at the intersection of creativity, business and technology for over a decade, founding his first company aged 22.

His main focus is on providing strategic, commercial and operational expertise to creative and digital businesses, as well as working on projects in education and the future of work.

Howard’s eclectic background includes delivering digital advertising campaigns for some of the world’s most recognised brands; founding and successfully exiting two companies; managing the touring careers of DJs and bands playing over 5000 shows in 60 countries; building knowledge sharing systems at a Ministry of Defence technology lab; volunteering with a number of youth charities; working in a record store; and promoting raves in the forests of south-east England.