Howard Gray

Hello, I’m Howard.

I help people who want to make a difference get where they want to go.

Here’s how.

I’m a founder of two ventures focused on the future of work and learning:

Helping people develop their workshop creation superpowers, and partnering with brands and IP owners to create the new wave of fan-driven experiential learning

An online portal empowering you to broaden your career horizons and way-find through tomorrow’s world of work. We’re your career GPS.

I also take on a small number of coaching, advisory, and workshop/speaking projects:

Coaching & Advisory

I’m a certified professional coach, and partner with creative founders and leaders to help them navigate the path ahead, bring their ideas to life, get out of their own way, and build successful companies and careers.

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Speaking & Workshops

We all need fuel for the journey. I love to synthesize and distill ideas from a wide range of fields into workshops and talks, as well as producing podcasts, articles, guidebooks, videos, and the odd mixtape – always with the goal of being thought-provoking, timely, and a little offbeat.

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Here are a few of the companies I’ve worked with recently: across sectors from fashion to financial services, media to manufacturing, and with teams from graduate trainees through to C-suite executives.

Those are some of the bigger names.

I’ve also partnered with dozens of small giants and emerging independents: from DJs to design agencies; music supervisors to data scientists; nonprofits to cannabis cultivators.

What do they all have in common? They want to make a difference and go beyond the status quo. Perhaps you do too. If so, we should chat.

Thinking, Speaking, Writing, Wondering

Here are a few of my articles that give more insight into how I think and work.