Howard Gray

Hello, I’m Howard.

I build projects that help people and businesses discover, make and do better things in the world.

After 10 years building a talent agency, producing parties, and traveling to gigs in Belgrade, Buenos Aires, Beirut and other places not starting with B, I began to remix information, instead of music. 

Today, I produce solutions at the intersection of information, engagement, and live experience. I guess I’m still a DJ and producer at heart.


My startup platform, Wavetable, engages with brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs to transform information into interactive learning experiences.

I also co-build a future of work startup called Fondo – a personalized career GPS.

About me

My eclectic background includes founding and successfully exiting two companies; managing the touring careers of creative artists performing in over 60 countries; working with a range of technology startups across health & fitness, sustainability, and ecommerce; building knowledge sharing systems at a Ministry of Defence technology lab; and promoting raves in the forests of South-East England.

Outside of work some of the things I enjoy include:

  • Music (techno, post-punk, afrobeat and a lot more – I’m also considering coming out of DJ retirement…let’s see)
  • Boxing (southpaw)
  • Football/soccer (centre-back to play, Crystal Palace to watch – both are erratic and unglamorous, but sometimes pretty effective)
  • Traveling (wherever I can)
  • Improv & Standup Comedy (trying not to be a 3rd rate Larry David)
  • Yoga (frog, on a very good day)
  • Cycling (single speed)
  • Kayaking (slowly)
  • Reading (mainly non-fiction plus some Nordic noir)
  • Cooking (from the Gjelina cookbook)

I’ve collected some of my favourite podcasts, playlists, books, and other things on this page.

Here’s what I’m doing now, and here’s my Bio & Origin Story.

Other (possibly) useful information: I’m a Gemini, Enneagram Type 5, left-handed, and very tall.


Say hello using the form below. You can also connect with me on:

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