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How to facilitate your first class, workshop or training session

My most recent collaboration project launched last week at New York Climate Week. Sustainable Foundations is a workshop series and email course helping to unpack and demystify sustainability for modern business. During its creation I took some time to think about things I’ve learnt putting together similar education experiences [1], and…

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Depression in the music industry: Here’s one thing no one is talking about

Image: Ted Ed In the last couple of years many of us have started to become more aware of our mental wellbeing. Meditation apps have millions of users; travel providers offer relaxation holiday retreats; schools, workplaces and even prisons are introducing programs to help develop mindfulness. Awareness has led to talking…

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Where’s the mentoring in the music industry?

Career fuel, career angst and passing the torch this article originally appeared in edition 3 of The Manifesto, a publication for the modern music business. One of my favourite articles from the past eighteen months is a piece in the consistently excellent Fast Company magazine by Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO…

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