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Learning doesn’t look like it used to.

Today’s very best learning environments build skills, trust, knowledge, connections, and ideas.

They’re interactive, engaging, and are built to last.

They’re work masquerading as play.

These learning environments take many forms: from long-form leadership development programs to accelerators for small business founders; bitesize interactive workshops to global summits bringing together audiences, advocates, and partners; even full-scale festivals where teachers are the new rockstars.

On this page, you can learn more about why learning doesn’t look like it used to, the power of tomorrow’s most engaging learning environments, and how we can work together.

Tomorrow’s world

Just as today’s successful businesses are digital businesses; all of tomorrow’s successful businesses will be learning businesses.

They’ll focus on learning externally as much as internally, and most of them won’t look anything like yesterday’s learning organizations.

Their roots could be in construction or cosmetics; transport or telecoms.

And they’ll come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Scale: Growth startups seeking to augment and level up their team, or find a marketing edge through high-quality learning experiences
  • Lead: Established companies taking the lead in their field with a desire to expand and into new areas
  • Evolve: Market leaders who want to stay ahead of the game and are ready to reimagine they way do business

What they all have in common is that they won’t just make things to behold: they’ll empower people to collaborate, engage, create, and learn.

They’ll do this by blending the rigor and structure of the best education curriculums, with Hollywood story craft and production values, as well as their own unique expertise, talent, and IP – all underpinned by collaboration and community.

I bring together industry experience in advertising, entertainment, technology, and education, along with skills in learning design, entrepreneurship, content creation, coaching, and teaching & facilitation to help organizations design and deliver programs that inspire, engage, and make things happen.

Right now I’m available for select new projects – contact me here.

Want to learn more about my approach?
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How conversations start

“We want to create a best-in-class leadership program”

“We need a new perspective to help us create more engaging content”

“How might we scale a program internationally?”

“Train us how to be better facilitators and teachers”

“How can we empower more of our future leaders?”

“Help us run better company offsites”

“What else can we do with our existing company assets?”

“We want to make this year’s summit really stand out”

“We want to find better ways of engaging our audience”

“How else could we launch new products?”

Perhaps some of this sounds familiar? We should chat.

How I can help

My work spans 4 key areas:

My Experience

My work spans from running workshops and short courses, through to co-creating entire learning programs and digital products from scratch.

Learning Design & Facilitation

I’ve designed and led immersive education experiences for many different audiences: from 5-year-old kids visiting one of the world’s most respected museums; to media & entertainment entrepreneurs scaling their businesses; and financial services leaders looking to stay ahead of the game.

I’ve designed content for over 750 hours of workshops, produced and hosted over 25 hours of podcast content, and have written over 250,000 words across my blog and other publications.

Product & Program Management

My product and program management experience includes work on complex products in areas as diverse as sustainability benchmarking and live entertainment. On the process side, I’m a certified scrum master, and regularly work with teams using agile, kanban, and design thinking approaches and methodologies. To build my toolkit I’ve also taken certifications in film production and line production.


As a coach, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and executives across creative & digital industries, and am certified internationally through the ICF accredited school Leadership That Works. My coaching work has been invaluable when designing programs – I’ve seen first hand how powerful coaching can be as part of a learning environment. Read more about my coaching practice.

What they say

Here’s what a few people have said about the work we’ve done together over the last 12 months:

I have plenty more testimonials available on request – just ask.

Various Fortune 100 clients across financial services, technology, manufacturing, and food industries:

‘Always excellent at explaining and making things easily understandable‘

‘Incredibly supportive and knowledgeable’

‘Exceptional facilitator‘

‘great presentation skills and interpersonal skills’

‘Awesome! Dynamic and engaging’

‘Engaging, humorous, conducive to learning, helpful, personal, understanding’

‘GREAT! super helpful, friendly and responsive‘

‘Howard is really cool; easy and fun exercises. Very thought provoking‘

‘Howard is amazing! Humorous and helpful’

‘Fun, dynamic, hands-on, funny, great energy, and full of information’

AMP NYC: a first of its kind backed by NYC Small Business Services & The Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment

“Howard’s facilitation in the classroom exemplified an impressive blend of creativity, analytics, and empathy, and his passion and dedication to learning completely shined through while working with him. He has the unique ability to remain agile, sharp, and calm within ambiguous circumstances.”


“Extraordinary – one of the best teachers I’ve had in any environment”


“THANK YOU HOWARD! I have the deepest respect for you and really am honored that I got to take your class. You are an amazing educator and an awesome cheerleader.”


‘Howard has really helped me gain the confidence I need to grow my business and be great.‘


‘Howard is a great facilitator. He has a friendly and relatable teaching style as well as nicely designed decks that retain my focus and help me to absorb what I am meant to be learning.‘


Getting Started


Workshops are a great way to start working together as they help me understand more about your business, your team, how you work together, where you want to go, and what to overcome to get there.

Workshops vary in flavor depending on your particular circumstances but tend to focus on broader strategy and roadmapping plus some smaller group, pair, and solo exercises to help get insights into specifics.

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Embedded Program Lead

Most of my consulting projects manifest with me working closely with your team on a project basis to help build, launch and/or scale a particular program.

It could be turning a consulting service into a scaleable digital product or program; working closely with a team as a coach and sounding board; or designing and delivering an ongoing in-person program.

Whatever the project, I work with senior stakeholders to take a look at the big picture, talk to customers, create product scopes, plan and manage budgets, collaborate with creative and technical teams, manage roadmaps, dive into the details, and deliver fully formed digital products or live experience IP.

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Office Hours

This is a way of us working together without the commitment of a more embedded relationship, or the need to build additional structure.

Usually, it’s a couple of pre-scheduled meetings per month aligned to a clear goal or objective we’ve agreed. Sometimes office hours evolve into a more involved coaching relationship, other times they’re specific business-focused sessions.

In either case, it’s an opportunity to have a sounding board, get more clarity on your thinking, and take concrete action steps towards what’s next.

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