Over the last 12 years, I’ve gained valuable experience and expertise as a producer, product manager, entrepreneur, talent agent, coach, and educator.

My consulting work focuses on helping organizations design environments that encourage learning, connection, and innovation.

A good way of thinking about my work is as an Educator in Residence.

The areas I get asked about most are:

  • Designing and producing a program or special project
  • Training and coaching a team
  • Creating engaging educational content – from podcasts to words, videos to live events

On this page is some further information about my consulting work. Right now I’m available for a small number of select projects – contact me here.

Who I work with

I collaborate with leaders at purposeful companies across a range of sectors and stages.

  • Scale: Startups looking to augment or level up a team, or find a marketing edge through educational content
  • Lead: Established companies taking the lead in their field with a desire to expand and into new areas
  • Evolve: Market leaders who want to stay ahead of the game and are ready to reimagine they way do business

How conversations start

If some of those sound familiar then we should chat.

What I do

My work spans 4 key areas:

My Experience

My work spans from running workshops and short courses, through to co-creating entire learning programs and digital products from scratch.

Education Content Design & Delivery

I’ve designed and led immersive education experiences for many different audiences: from 5-year-old kids visiting one of the world’s most respected museums; to media & entertainment entrepreneurs scaling their businesses; and financial services leaders looking to stay ahead of the game.

I’ve designed content for over 750 hours of workshops, produced and hosted over 25 hours of podcast content, and have written over 250,000 words across my blog and other publications

Product Management

My digital product management experience includes work on complex products in areas as diverse as sustainability benchmarking and live entertainment. I’m a certified scrum master, and regularly work with teams using agile, kanban, and design thinking approaches and methodologies.


As a coach, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and executives across creative & digital industries, and am certified internationally through the ICF accredited school Leadership That Works. Read more about my coaching practice.

Getting Started


Workshops are a great way to start working together as they help me understand more about your business, your team, how you work together, where you want to go, and what to overcome to get there.

Workshops vary in flavor depending on your particular situation but tend to focus on broader strategy and roadmapping plus some smaller group, pair, and solo exercises to help get insights into specifics.

I also run educational workshops on a range of topics – head here for more on those.

Embedded Product/Program Lead

Most of my consulting projects manifest with me working closely with your team on a project basis to help build, launch and/or scale a particular product or program.

It could be turning a consulting service into a scaleable digital product, working closely with a team as a coach and sounding board, or designing and delivering an in-person program.

Whatever the project, I work with senior stakeholders to take a look at the big picture, talk to customers, create product scopes, plan and manage budgets, collaborate with creative and technical teams, manage roadmaps, dive into the details, and deliver fully formed digital products or live experience IP.

Office Hours

This is a way of us working together without the commitment of a more embedded relationship, or the need to build additional structure.

Usually, it’s a couple of pre-scheduled meetings per month aligned to a clear goal or objective we’ve agreed. Sometimes office hours evolve into a more involved coaching relationship (see below), other times they’re specific business-focused sessions.

In either case, it’s an opportunity to have a sounding board, get more clarity on your thinking, and take concrete action steps towards what’s next.


Sometimes utilizing me for 1:1 or group coaching will be the best way for us to work together, particularly when teams are going through a change or about to tackle something new.

To find out more on what I do as a coach, just jump over here.

What they say

Here are a few nice things people have said about the work I’ve done with them. I have plenty more testimonials available on request – just ask 🙂

“Howard’s facilitation in the classroom exemplified an impressive blend of creativity, analytics, and empathy, and his passion and dedication to learning completely shined through while working with him. He has the unique ability to remain agile, sharp, and calm within ambiguous circumstances.”

Shikha Mittal – Program Lead, Dept of Small Business Services

“THANK YOU HOWARD! I have the deepest respect for you and really am honored that I got to take your class. You are an amazing educator and an awesome cheerleader.”

AMP NYC accelerator participant

“Extraordinary, one of the best teachers I’ve had in any environment”

AMP NYC accelerator participant

‘Howard is amazing! Humorous and helpful’

‘Incredibly supportive and knowledgeable’