Here are some of the questions I get asked regularly.

More answers (and questions!) coming soon.

What do you do?

The classic networking event/dinner party icebreaker.

It’s better for me to answer this using ‘Why’ rather than ‘What’. 

Now, I know this approach can feel like a deflection or me being coy (or even a bit lofty), but there are 3 important reasons it’s Why ahead of What or How:

  • More important
  • Doesn’t change
  • Easier to explain

Why: I believe we all have the potential to do increasingly original, creative and interesting things to further ourselves, the people around us, and the wider world. 

I know for most of us this doesn’t come easy. My role is to help people discover and fulfil their potential. 

How: I do this by helping the people and companies I work with access whatever they need for tomorrow – whether skills, ideas, knowledge, connections, collaborations, or opportunities.

What: Education design, teaching, coaching, product building, writing,  consulting, strategic thinking, workshops, events, podcasting.

Note: A primer in case you’re not familiar with Start with Why

How do I start blogging?

Short answer: Just start. It doesn’t even need to be public. Just put some thoughts down on paper, on your computer, on the back of a restaurant napkin.

I’d still recommend shipping as early as you can. As Rob Fitz told me, the great thing about the internet is that no one reads your crap stuff. So don’t worry about it. You’ll get better as you go.

There are lots of good tips out there to help with your writing – here’s one to get going with, courtesy of advertising titan David Ogilvy. 

The best one I’ve picked up is just to try and write like you talk.

A longer answer to this question will be coming soon 🙂

When do I quit my job so I can strike out on my own?

How do I hire a coach?

How I distribute my podcast?

How do I know what to work on?

How do I change career?