In September 2017 I moved to New York City, popping back to London here and there.

It’s been a great experience so far, and despite the various bumps in the road (US banking system, lack of good quality bread), I feel very much at home here in NYC. ldn_nyc

Right now I’m working with a small number of executives at larger companies and early stage startup founders who all want to build exciting modern businesses. I’m also working on a couple of projects of my own.

I currently have some limited availability for new projects – contact me if you’d like to discuss working together.

write regularly – usually on learning, creativity and business, and sometimes just about the quirks of everyday life.

My learning at the moment is focused on Ruby on Rails development and the history of Latinos in North America.

Since moving to New York I’ve been practicing yoga more regularly and speaking Spanish intermittently. I’m also doing some volunteer work with Build NYC, and trying to not confuse everyone with my very English sense of humour.

At the weekends I’m playing 7-a-side football (aka soccer), exploring my new home city, and searching for the perfect brunch.

If you want to meet up for breakfast/coffee/lunch/beers (or just want to exchange ideas via email) feel free to contact me here.

last updated April 2018.
(inspired by Derek Sivers’ ‘NowNowNow‘)