In September 2017 I moved to New York City, popping back to London here and there.

It’s been a great experience so far, and despite the various bumps in the road (US banking system, lack of good quality bread), I feel very much at home here in NYC.

What I’m working on right now

What I’m looking for

  • Creative collaborators to work on a new project fusing education and entertainment. If you’re curious to find out more then get in touch.
  • I have some limited availability for new consulting projects and coaching clients – contact me if you’d like to discuss working together.

What I’m currently learning

  • Improv comedy
  • Drawing comic books
  • How people learn
  • The art & science of coaching



A podcast series exploring breakthrough ideas in experiences, education, and entertainment. Featuring guests from Airbnb, The New York Times, Sonar Festival, Adobe, SXSW, Duolingo and many more.

(untitled) Workbook

A short and simple workbook to help you survive and thrive on your independent career path – for navigating a route where the answers aren’t clear, resources are scarce, and the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty.

Mount Crescent

Mount Crescent focuses on embedding sustainability into modern business.

We deliver interactive workshops and a curate global learning community.


A gathering for hybrid talent in NYC. A place for misfits, those with non-linear career paths, the people carving their own paths.

Other things I’m up to…

  • Listening to lots of podcasts
  • Using Twitter too much
  • Doing some volunteer work with Build NYC and New York Cares
  • Trying to not confuse (or offend) everyone in NYC with my very English sense of humour
  • Playing 7-a-side football (aka soccer)
  • Getting out into the forests of the Catskills region
  • Searching for the perfect brunch

Paused Projects


A unique, immersive workshop experience blending entertainment, entrepreneurship, and creativity.


A community of practice for media & entertainment professionals in New York City.

last updated February 2019.
(inspired by Derek Sivers’ ‘NowNowNow‘)