last updated February 22, 2021.

What I’m working on right now

  • Building Wavetable:
    • Helping companies create better learning programs
    • Turning everything we’ve learned about doing this work into a suite of products – from digital toolkits, to deep-dive live programs
  • Building Fondo
  • Producing and hosting the Under the Current podcast
  • Focusing in my blog and newsletter on navigating modern careers. I am pretty sure there is a book brewing.

What I’m looking for

  • Forward-facing innovators, marketers, and creators who know they’ll benefit hugely from being adept at helping others learn

What I’m currently learning

  • Marketing
  • How people learn
  • Design and animation

Other things I’m up to…

  • Cooking
  • Listening to lots of podcasts
  • Going back out to the Catskills
  • Wanting to get fit again

(inspired by Derek Sivers’ ‘NowNowNow‘)