The Tension

A podcast series on noticing, embracing, and harnessing the tension that shows up in the work we do, so we can get where we want to go.

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As a coach, teacher, and guide helping people to get where they want to go, a lot of what I see happening in the work we do boils down to working through the tension: the resistance, contradictions, trade-offs, and opportunity costs we all have to tussle with.

I’ve seen it in my work with senior executives at some of the world’s most prominent companies; with creative entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses; with professionals entering career transitions; with young people taking their first steps out into the wider world.

The Tension could be deciding how to best Fit In or Stand Out; figuring out when it’s time to Create or time to Capture; or how to go from Employee to Entrepreneur, and maybe back again.

In fact, whatever we’re doing, the tension will eventually show up.

Sometimes we know when to expect it; other times we have no idea when it will appear, or how it will manifest.

This is a podcast series with episodes that are deliberately short. There are no guests, no glitz, no gimmicks.

It’s just an exploration on the tension we feel and what we may be able to do with it, so we can get out of our own way and go and do the work we want to do.

It’s here to provide some career fuel for your journey, whichever way you’re going.


Hope to see you on board.

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