Workshops & Speaking

I love sharing what I’ve noticed, what I’ve learned, and what I see coming next.

Two of the ways I do this are through workshops and speaking engagements on the future of work, entrepreneurship, education, and pop culture.

On this page, you’ll find information about my workshops, my work as a facilitator, some of the topics I speak about, and why I love hosting and moderating too.


As the world changes faster than ever, we all need to keep learning.

One of the best ways to learn is through workshops. I work with individuals and organizations to design workshops and programs, creating courses to help others design and facilitate their own workshops, and deliver my own sessions too.

Here are some of my current workshops, and a selection of some of the other topics I’ve either designed and/or taught in the last few months.

My core sessions all run in the following formats:

  • Bitesize: 90-120 minutes (perfect for lunchtime/evening events)
  • Express: 1/2 day
  • Regular: 1 day

Sustainability as Innovation: How to embed sustainability into new initiatives and ventures

Mind The Gap: Make better decisions by understanding your biases

Trend Spotting: Identifying what’s coming next

Workshop Creator: Design and teach your own education sessions

Tall Stories: Build your skills as a storyteller

And other workshop topics I’ve either designed or facilitated in the past few months include:


  • Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Sustainability
  • Building Social Impact Ventures
  • Growth & Change Management
  • Trend Spotting


  • Blockchain
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Front End Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • APIs

Career Skills

  • Biases and Mental Models
  • Career Transitions & Pivots
  • Lowercase Skills


It’s worth noting that unlike many people who do public speaking, I love being the spotlight operator (hosting and moderating) just as much as being in the spotlight as a speaker. Scroll down to find out more about that side of things.

When it comes to my own speaking work, I refuse to pitch services or pummel an audience with rehashed, repetitive content. Instead, I focus on delivering something that creates a shift in people to feel inspired, energized, and eager to start conversations and take action. There will probably be some alternative pop culture references in there too.

Here’s a brief overview of my speaking work – if you’d like to know more then just get in touch.

What topics do you talk about?

While I’m very open to creating a custom talk or workshop based on your needs, these are some of the topics I typically cover: 

Do you ever speak for free?

Creating engaging and well-designed presentations takes a lot of time, energy, and effort so I don’t tend to speak for free, with two exceptions: charities and nonprofits with a mission close to my heart; and opportunities to visit places I haven’t yet been to and really want to check out.

In these cases, I’ll waive my speaking fee.

Are you in one in those locations, or run a charity or nonprofit I love? Maybe 🙂 Drop me a note and let’s chat!


Here are a few samples of talks and decks I’ve produced over the past year or so.

Tall Stories: a talk originally given for an entertainment company in NYC

Innovation: from Zero to 1

Music, Tech and the Adjacent Possible

Do you do other kinds of speaking work?

As well as keynotes, I’m an experienced panel moderator and host of fireside chats and podcasts.

I’ve hosted sessions with people from companies such as Apple, Adobe, The New York Times, SXSW, Duolingo, Airbnb, Sonar Festival, and many more.

Here are a couple of examples of previous work.

Tickets Podcast:

Here’s a stream of a panel session I hosted in London in 2017.