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Back to the coffee shop

The Big Apple. Gleaming skyscrapers. Grand Central. Wall Street. Times Square.Bright lights. Big city.Big business. Big bucks. But what really runs this place are the small potatoes. The small business is what makes NYC tick. In my particularly populous region of Manhattan, there are small businesses everywhere. Sure, there’s a…

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No AC to DC

It’s that time. I’m off to Penn Station. I’m taking the B line to what is, kindly, the B list of train terminals. And then my subway mysteriously skips my exit point, Herald Square.  It doesn’t really even skip it.  It just chugs, almost apologetically, except with no apologies forthcoming. …

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Becoming a wizard

Regular readers may know two of my favourite podcasts are ’The Moment’ with Brian Koppelman, and Seth Godin’s ’Akimbo’. Every year or so, the two get together on ‘The Moment’ for a discussion revolving around the themes of showing up in the world and going out and doing creative work….

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