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How one club night became the turning point for my business

In February 2009 I left a promising career in advertising to build a music company. My vision, albeit partially formed, was to offer a new way of serving exciting independent artists by simultaneously growing their prowess and profile across touring, promotion and publishing. We’d do business in unconventional ways, use…

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Where’s the mentoring in the music industry?

Career fuel, career angst and passing the torch this article originally appeared in edition 3 of The Manifesto, a publication for the modern music business. One of my favourite articles from the past eighteen months is a piece in the consistently excellent Fast Company magazine by Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO…

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What have artist managers, football coaches and startup studios got in common?

Two things that are ingrained in many countries’ cultures are football and music. To an extent they go hand in hand — both blend art, commerce, fashion and entertainment, and have huge numbers of passionate fans. In both businesses (and they are businesses, like it or not), there’s often one person in…

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