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The rise of the workshop creator

Being able to design and run your own workshops is a fantastic way to share your knowledge, build your authority, empower others to learn and grow.

Becoming an accomplished workshop creator is a real superpower – and the two underpinning skills of process design and facilitation are now key competencies in the modern world of work.

These are skills that aren’t getting automated any time soon. They’re hugely valuable – whether you’re working within a company, building a business of your own, or supporting clients as a freelancer or consultant.

But making workshops happen – and doing them well – can feel elusive

What’s the secret to creating workshops that… work?

why I love workshops, and why I created this course

The best workshops are energetic, educational, fun, and impactful. 

Unfortunately, many aren’t.

A lot of workshops suffer from a common set of problems that can kill an audience’s energy, overcomplicate concepts, or get the teacher in a twist.

If you’re new to creating workshops, going out and running your own session may feel a little daunting.

There’s so much to think about:

what if the technology doesn’t work?

what if everyone in the room is an expert?

what if I forget what to say?

Perhaps your current feeling on workshops (and maybe even education & learning more broadly) looks a bit like this:

For a long time, my own viewpoint was, in fact, all three of these things.

I really didn’t like school or university much, and the idea of being cooped up in a room for hours on end wasn’t exactly appealing.

As for the idea of running one of these things? No way (in fact, my mum is still surprised when I tell her I’m running a workshop for 50, 100 or 200 people – after all, I’m an introvert who disliked school).

But the skills you need to design and facilitate an engaging workshop are absolutely possible to learn. They’re also skills that are both long-lasting and transferable.

Workshops can be amazing – I’ve seen first hand on dozens of occasions how impactful they can be. And they can be really fun too – for your audience, and for you.

No, really!

Yes, you heard that right: fun. Even if you’re terrified of public speaking or don’t think you have any design skills.

Let’s get into it…

Welcome to the In:Session free email course in workshop creation

This email course will help you create better workshops so you can share your skills and expertise with the world in new ways, and continue building your workshop superpowers.

I’ve been involved in the design and facilitation of over 1000 hours of workshop content for audiences around the world – from C-suite executives at Fortune 100 companies to startup founders, non-profit organizations, and groups of 5-year-old kids.

In this course, I’m sharing what I’ve learned so you can create your own high-quality workshops. Along the way, you’ll hone your skills in project planning, content design, communication, public speaking, and much more.

Since there’s so much material, I’m splitting it out into 7 lessons that I’ll send you one day at a time (weekdays only, so the weekend is clear for other things).

I’ll also share some other tools and resources that helped me along my journey as a workshop creator.

Each lesson is bitesize, actionable, and completely free.

You’ll also have lifetime access so you can revisit the course whenever you like.

Is this course right for me?

This course is for you if:

  1. You’re a subject matter expert and want to offer a new platform from which to share your knowledge and create new revenue streams
  2. You’re a professional who wants to build valuable new skills you can use at work
  3. You’re a teacher or trainer and want to explore ways to improve and expand your work


After taking this course you’ll be able to:

  • Utilize a simple, powerful and scaleable workshop/short course format
  • Use key elements of effective facilitation when working with a group
  • Avoid common pitfalls

Over the 7 days of this email course you’ll learn…

And much, much more. You’ll also learn about the value of:

Ok, this all sounds great – but why should you give permission for me send stuff to your inbox?

A very fair question.

Here’s a little more about me.

I’ve designed and facilitated education experiences spanning 1-hour workshops to 3-month accelerator programs (and just about everything in between), and for audiences ranging from senior leaders at Fortune 100 companies to early-stage entrepreneurs and 5-year-old kids.

I’m a facilitator with leading international education companies Decoded and Hyper Island, a mentor at The New School and BUILD NYC, the curriculum lead for the City of New York’s AMP NYC accelerator program, and a professional certified coach working with companies and individuals in the digital creative economy.

I also host the ‘Tickets’ podcast focused on the intersection of education and experiences, featuring guests from companies such as Airbnb, The New York Times, Sonar Festival and Duolingo.

Perhaps most importantly, I’m on an ongoing search for the perfect breakfast.

What they say

Here’s what people have said about the teaching and facilitation work I’ve done with them:

‘Extraordinary, one of the best teachers I’ve had in any environment’

“Very very impressive. Explained concepts in a way I was able to understand very well and kept it very engaging”

“Engaging, humorous, helpful, knowledgeable, thorough, smooth. Very much enjoyed the past two days”

“Fun, dynamic, hands-on, funny, great energy, and full of information”

“An amazing educator and an awesome cheerleader”

‘Professional, approachable, helpful, original’

“Howard is hilarious, a great storyteller, and very informed”

“Awesome! Dynamic and engaging”

What you’ll get

  • 7 daily lessons via email
  • Links to tools and resources you can use right away
  • Real-life examples from sessions I’ve designed and run
  • Bonus content for diving deeper

What you won’t get

  • Loads of long videos. There are a couple of videos and a few diagrams, plus words of course. Each lesson is designed to be quick to action and takes less than 10 minutes to go through
  • A deep dive into instructional design or advanced facilitation. There are a few top tips included, but this course is intended to get you up and running with a solid workshop or short course. To go deeper, check out our full on-demand course
  • If there’s something you’d hope to see included, please let me know – I’d love to hear from you

Get started now. It’s free. No spam, no gimmicks.

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